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     The name Chickducktions derives from production and chicken fused together. Originally a record label, Chickducktion grew into other avenues of production such as books, documentaries, and clothing. Chickducktions embryos start from one small idea that nurtures and develops. When the idea becomes a tangible reality, it is hatched. Chickducktions believes in the process, not the product. The process is the foundation on what is hatched. The ideas that come from Chickducktions reflect ones personal lifespan therefore the product is 100% authentic. The process guarantees an emotional connection with its listeners and readers. At Chickducktions we deliver only authentic material that is conveyed musically, in print and fashion. You don't have to love what happens at Chickducktions, just understand it.

                                                                                   Mission Statement

At Chickducktions.....

WE advocate for those who have been discriminated, marginalized, victimized, mistreated and abused. WE advocate compassion, kindness, consideration, tolerance, anti-violence, freedom of speech and inclusion for all. WE promote diversity, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. By being a voice for others, we connect people from all class, ethnic culture, age, gender, and social economic status. At Chickducktions we believe everyone matters. 

Heading 3

Video:The Color of My Face/Artist Chicken

Album: Power, Privilege and Oppression

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