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Accountability of those in power

The other day while driving with my son, the topic of management came about. I am not sure how, but I recall the conversation surrounding the characteristics of what it would look like in any successful business or organization. (Now I remember) My son stated that in all hotels the service is sub par. I on the other hand wanted him to understand that regardless of the class of the hotel, the management reflects on how well the rooms are kept in order and cleaned for any hotel let alone any business.

This lead to my explanations on how "good management" would first hire the best qualified candidate they felt could do the job. After hire, if there were any issues surrounding performance or conduct, there would be an opportunity for the employee to correct or improve oneself. What has been discovered in successful companies and organizations, were the infrastructure of those in place to accomplish the necessary task or job to be accomplished. The employees, the workers, the force that drive the power to create, support, exchange, and share ideas in order to complete the task (job) were selected wisely.

The selection in hiring people for a job, reflects one's attitude in leadership. Does the leader want to create an environment that is self sufficient or dependant on management to resolve conflict or issues? Integrity is a virtue that is difficult to see in others, until you are able to see how they react and handle adversity. Do their behaviors becomes aggressive, detached, or pro-active? A great leader will understand that if there is an opportunity for growth, then the necessary support should be given for whatever cost. With the understanding (probation) that after a certain period of time, improvement in area of concern does not happen, then termination would be next in order.

Which bring me back to the comment my son made about all hotel service quality, if management is good then the quality of service will reflect that. Can we say when it comes to all facets of quality service or product reflects good management? I think we could! Would you agree??

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