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What is integrity? Having integrity means you are honest and you are of high morale character.

The average person I come across lacks integrity. It maybe something that is said or observed that reflects this, but mainly negative behavior traits can reveal a lot. Being honest can be a difficult task for those who do not trust others or choose to reveal their authentic self. Trusting others has much to do with trusting yourself. For example, my whole life I have known people close to me who have claimed that they do not have a drinking problem. However, I have experienced on more than one occasion of their drinking going beyond the legal limit. Those people have justified, diverted the truth, or denied their actions as no big issue. The issue is when one does not recognize or take accountability for their actions (intoxication, driving intoxicated, un-safe behavior) can be problematic. An alcoholic with integrity would be able to reflect on how the choices of drinking are impacting their life and others and be honest on what has to be done to not make those mistakes again.

I am not banging on alcoholics, like I said I know many. I want people to understand that integrity can be applied in every aspect of our life and it's up to us to be able to practice it, not enforce the idea. Having integrity could open a better communication and relationship with our world leaders. But, as you see much of the leaders in the world lie and get caught lying all the time. Who can we trust (trust issues)? Who can be transparent on their feelings and values (not many)?

How do we cultivate integrity within ourselves and others?

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